Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Volga Linen

I love linen. I love embroidery. I love a monogram (mine in particular) so it seems these gorgeous luxury linens from Volga Linen are just the ticket. I think these would make perfectly delicious gifts for mom, sister and girlfriends this year! Do consider.

Volga Linen

Monday, November 15, 2010

White Bathrooms-So Fresh and So Clean Clean

White Bathroom

All white bathrooms are getting some serious PR these days! My Architect (aka my hubby) and I have several bathrooms we are working on right now so I am knee deep in mood shots for clients. These are just a few of my fav. After getting a trade email from William Sonoma Home featuring Katie Lydon and how she just loves an all white bath, I decided that yes, I DO know what I'm talking about here! Katie is right on the money. Interior Designers would be building you everything from doll houses to dog houses in white Carrera marble right now if you 'd let us because there is something really great about a timeless, classical all-white space. As Katie put it, every year you can simply change out the accessories in a white bathroom to get a whole new feel. Much cheaper than changing the tile I assure you of that. These are all bathrooms that beg for a place to sit down and hang out much much longer than it takes to shave those legs so make sure you fit in a nice little seat somewhere. If you are rich, add a cappuccino maker, day bed and a flat screen while you're at it! Put your designer on speed dial.

Nate Berkus White Bathroom

White Bathroom with a Chevron Floor

White Bathrooms
images via Decor Pad & Nate Berkus

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful Home Offices

Domino Magazine's Home Offices

Here are a few oldies but goodies from Domino Magazine's files. I love these home offices for two reasons. 1. They show personality. 2. They are done with a lot of reasonably priced furniture and antique pieces one could find cheaply. These are great inspiration shots for the gal (or guy) who wants a beautiful home office on a budget. *Please talk to my talented sister-in-law if you need an organizer, that is most certainly not my strong suit! Like so many other people we are stuck in a home that is under water and we are completely bursting at the seams when it comes to space. It must be the nesting because I am really trying to get organized and make our little house function better as well as look better. The office is a great place to start.

Domino Magazine's Home Offices

Domino Magazine's Home Offices

Domino Magazine's Home Offices

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gorgeous Stationary and Pens are the Perfect Gift!

Gorgeous Dempsey Carroll Stationary

I am already getting the "want do you want for Christmas?" question and I think some beautiful personal stationary and a fabulous little pen are just the ticket. I love sending and receiving a beautiful note card in the mail. The stationary above is all from Dempsey and Carroll, one of the oldest and most famous of all stationary engravers in the world. They even supplied Jackie Kennedy with her personal stationary and unique color of handmade ink. Now, we can't all afford a box of these cards but there are plenty of reasonably priced sets that I'm certain your special someone would love!

Montblanc Pens

Also, the famous Montblanc Pens are a beautful gift as well. Forget the one on the right though, the Aurora Diamante Pen, encrusted with over 30 carets of De Beers diamonds, is estimated to be over one million pounds. You have to be so rich to own this pen that you can't even use dollars. Wink, wink.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creative Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display
images via Dress, Design & Decor, Heather Ulrich, The City Sage and Apartment Therapy

I swear I'm going to the bottle if I have to untangle my jewelry one more time! Do you guys have this problem or are you all organized and perfect and labeled and color coordinated? I'm a mess with my one little jewelry box and every time I go to buy a new one I am horribly shocked at the price tags. You can include jewelry boxes on the same list as razors, a full set of highlights and organic milk. I am not crafty by any stretch of the means but I think even I can manage one of the options below. I'm going for the old picture frame option and might get all jiggy with a wallpaper background. Add it to my to-do list.

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Fabulous Collections

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspirational Blogging Imagery

Norway, weheartit

I suppose this post is a sneak peak into a great new inspiration for design and specifically my blog. Some days it's hard to come up with something to share with you and when you find a website that has beautiful images it really helps! My new find is weheartit. If you are a blogger you will love this site. Today, I typed in the word, "Norway" and wahlah gorgeous, inspirational imagery to fuel the imagination. Go try it, you will waste the morning.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Hand Printed Wallcovering

Hand Printed Wallcovering

Lately all anyone wants to ask me about is wallcovering! I've had 3 or 4 people just this week want to know, "where can I get some wallpaper?" My answer is always, well through me silly!
* More on what it means to buy "through the trade" later. I think these papers are so, so lovely from Greg Kinsella that I had to share them with you. These are hand printed on natural substrates like jute, grasscloth and sisal. I am partial to these types of papers because I like the mix of something natural and earthy with a precious finish. It would be fabulous in a powder room, a dining room or a dressing area. This isn't something you'll be replacing in a few years due to the cost of product and installation so choose wisely. Again another reason to hire a professional interior designer. Wink, wink!

Hand Printed Wallcovering

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